Essay on LensCrafters’ Operations Strategy

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Essay on LensCrafters’ Operations Strategy

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Operations Strategy

Operations strategy is a plot designed to effectively allocate the resources available to an organization for the support and improvement of the production as well as the infrastructure. The overall business strategy of a corporation is the main driver of its operations strategy, and it is structured to enhance the efficiency of the process involved with the productivity of the company and support its contents while cutting down the costs.

A business or corporate strategy is the fundamental concept that seizes to capture the long-term goals of an organization, and how it will make progress with its stable survival sustainable lasting. The implementation of a strategy requires appropriate decisions making and immediate action in order to make it an effective and successful one. Operations strategy may depend upon a lot of factors like cost, quality, speed, dependability, and flexibility.


When it comes to LensCrafters’ operational strategy, it is a differential one. A differential operations strategy is the plan by means of which a company intends to create and sell such unique and exceptional products and services that were not formerly a part of the industry.

When a firm is faced with significant competition in the market, the differential strategy is quite useful there. It lends a clear competitive advantage to the business accompanied by sustainability. Undoubtedly, LensCrafters is capable of keeping the trend to introduce new and unique products to match their success goals as aimed by their differential operations strategy.

LensCrafters has been introducing new technology and comfortable gear for eyes as they claim to love the eyes and people behind those eyes. When the company started off, they introduced the idea of provision of glasses in as quickly as an hour.

Comparative to 1988

Then in 1988, thinner than ever spectacles with the name of FeatherWates were introduced to let the customers feel like wearing nothing around the eyes. They were more durable and lighter and could be instantly made ready within an hour. Later in 1993, they got AccuFit Measuring System to help customers choose the best frame for themselves by means of AccuFit Calipers.

Duralens and RxSUN were introduced in 1995. Duralens came with great scratch-less technology that was twice as effective as compared to the ordinary plastic specs.

Similarly, RxSUN was a great Sunwear choice for people who wanted protection and flair altogether. Like these, they keep bringing new technology and products to the business to provide their customers with the best in the market.

Clients are offered ninety days’ guarantee without any conditions. In case of dissatisfaction, LensCrafters can either replace their pair of specs or return their money back. They have a program with the name Pay