Social Media Analysis of Prada

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Social Media Analysis of Prada

June 24, 2022 Blogs Sample Papers 0

Social Media Analysis of Prada


Prada is the name of Prada’s Twitter account. Prada uses the platform to inform its fans about future events and spread the word about new goods using hashtags. Like Facebook, the business involves its fans and other users in promoting its businesses. 

The interactions take the shape of comments, and anyone happy with their items is invited to “like” them. Links to external websites, such as blogs, are reflected in the Twitter account. The business might point its followers to blogs that offer a wealth of information. The firm has seen success through its usage of its Twitter account since it has established a solid reputation in the fashion and design sectors.

Twitter also discusses the establishment of its stores across the world. For instance, the business just announced on Twitter the inauguration of its third new retail location in Macau. As a result, the followers can preserve the loyalty of their current consumers while also knowing where to discover the items for testing.


The “PRADA” Instagram feed belongs to the Prada Company. About 5.6 million people follow the page. Through the use of images, the page promotes brand awareness.

The business has been allowed to publish 900 times since the page’s launch. The site is primarily employed to promote Prada’s illustrious culture, update its followers on future events, and bring in more new clients. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, the company’s Instagram feed solely features images of its creations.


Through video forms, the platform aids in increasing brand recognition. Customers may see the most recent model when the videos are released on a channel. When it comes to consumer acquisition, it is the most persuasive.

The Prada inside me, the postman dreams, the make-out, and the battlefield are just a few of the videos included. The films are meant to show off shoes, purses, and clothing for men or women. The business attracts new subscribers and encourages them to purchase its items through such videos. If seeing is believing, then YouTube ranks the best for the Prada Company in terms of brand exposure and client acquisition.

The corporation has not completely utilized the potential of these platforms, despite the examination of how Prada has been able to leverage several social media channels for online marketing provided above. As a result, the company must have a technological strategy for its social media presence if it wants to beat off its rivals.