Effective Internal Communication and Corporate Sustainability Essay

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Effective Internal Communication and Corporate Sustainability Essay

September 9, 2022 Blogs Sample Papers 0

Any organization’s success depends on effective communication since it enables managers to impart knowledge to less-experienced workers. Organizations invest a lot of time, energy, and money into making sure that managers at all levels communicate effectively with one another.

The objectives of the company must be explained to the lower-level staff members. However, providing senior management with input is just as crucial. For instance, human resource management only ensures the company has enough workers if other departments let him know they need it.

Effective communication helps people work together harmoniously, which improves organizational performance. Despite the significance of successful communication, few researchers have examined the connection between effective internal communication and business sustainability. This is because they tend to concentrate on other topics. Hernandez and Grayson contend that most organizational difficulties may be solved via excellent communication.

The definitions of communication offered by many scholars have a lot in common. A sender, a recipient, a message, and a medium are mentioned in almost all definitions. The act of conveying information from one person to another via a certain medium is communication.

Both the sender and the recipient must comprehend the information being shared for communication to be effective. Some academics have gone one step further to clarify this idea by distinguishing one-way and two-way communication.

Communication that is one-way is unidirectional. The sender is unaware of whether or not his communication has been received. In two-way communication, the sender receives feedback from the recipient indicating how well he understood the message. The act of transmitting messages from one person to another via a particular medium is another definition of communication.

The researchers address the ideas of one-way and two-way communication to give a greater grasp of the subject, especially from an organizational viewpoint. They assert that two-way communication happens when the recipient replies, as opposed to one-way communication, which occurs when the receiver does not.

Communication is successful when the sender receives feedback. It follows that a constant flow of information from top management to all employees will result in successful internal communication.