Essay on Corporate Sustainability

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Essay on Corporate Sustainability

October 13, 2022 Blogs Sample Papers 0

In a company, effective internal communication is crucial. In Ugoriji and Oruh, effective internal communication is essential because it helps employees feel like a part of the company, stimulates them, and ultimately increases productivity.

Ugoriji and Oruh advise management to arrange regular meetings with staff, at least once per week, to maintain good internal communication. Also, management should see that representatives are appointed to express the concerns of the subordinate staff.

The extant definitions of business sustainability are more varied than those of communication. According to Daniela, corporate sustainability is an organization’s adaptation to sustainable development. Aligning an organization’s services and products to the expectations of many stakeholders is another definition of corporate sustainability.

Singh is more concerned with implementing these changes to suit the stakeholders’ expectations than Daniela, who emphasizes developing internal organizational adjustments in response to developments in the external environment. Therefore, it is clear from Daniela’s definition that business sustainability aims to improve everyone’s quality of life now and in the future. Corporate sustainability, however, uses creative and environmentally friendly approaches.

The second definition of corporate sustainability is that it involves aligning the company’s services to increase its economic, social, and environmental value. Accordingly, it is feasible, based on this definition, that corporate sustainability refers to a company strategy that focuses on generating long-term shareholder value.

As a result, the strategy takes into account the management of risks and possibilities brought about by environmental, social, and economic developments.