Essay: A Journey of Thousand Miles

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Essay: A Journey of Thousand Miles

December 16, 2015 Blogs Sample Papers 0

Essay On A Journey Of Thousand Miles

Journey Of Thousand Miles – Lao Tzu was indeed right when he said a journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. We all come across huge challenges in life, but those who are highly determined and dedicated overcome them. If we sit back and do nothing about what we have to pursue or achieve nothing will happen. For a change to take place we must begin to change ourselves. We must change our attitude towards everything in life. We need to think more positively and look into every aspect from a more positive mindset. Taking the first step is the most difficult thing whatever we do but in order to achieve our goals, we must begin with that crucial first step. If we sit back and keep thinking as to how we will achieve our goals that lie on the Himalayas we will end up nowhere.

Those people who reached the tip of Himalayas had to begin somewhere only then they were able to accomplish their goal. If they had just sat and thought about the ordeal they had to face they would not have made anywhere. In order to achieve our goals, we must be in a positive state of mind. We must believe in ourselves and in our ability. With positive mental attitude, we can achieve anything we want to achieve no matter how difficult it is. It is just our thoughts that we need to change. Thoughts are the driving force of every human and it is something that we can control. By controlling our thoughts, we can either lead to a positive path or negative path. It solely depends on us which way we opt for. Having a positive mental attitude is the most important thing to reaching our final destination. Challenges come on our way, but we need to keep a positive attitude and believe that challenges are temporary and we can overcome them with positivity and sheer determination.

We must take that crucial first step whatever we want to achieve. Once we get into it by taking the first step we will find our way with time. No matter how far your destiny is you can begin your journey by taking the first step. Have the courage, be determined and dedicated to what you want to achieve in life. Everything is possible, but you need to begin somewhere and take the first step.

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