Narrative Essay: BEST DAY

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Narrative Essay: BEST DAY

December 16, 2015 Blogs Sample Papers 0

Narrative Essay on The Best Day of My Life

Sunshine kissed my eyes with its gleaming rays and woke me up. The start of my eighteenth birthday was quite an applaudable one. I got my ‘Monday blues’ early in the morning when I realized my mother is not at home; which implied I had to prepare breakfast on my own. My limited cooking skills restrained me from having the nice banana pancakes I imagined I would have. Nevertheless, I sufficed with the not-so-burnt French toast I had learnt to make. After being done with my hunger emergency, I got hold of my copy of the “Forty Rules of Love’’(by the remarkable writer Elif Shafak) and turned to the page I had last dog-eared. By the time I was exhausted with the strenuous amount of reading, my mother and sister came home from work. They both gave me clothing items which followed the latest trends, aware of my love for fashion.

The day stretched along with no sign of surprise, I had anticipated. Interrupting my train of thought, the bell rang. Frustrated, I got up and attended the door, only to be flabbergasted by the earsplitting noise of my friends singing Happy Birthday, which sent my heart fluttering. Their voices, which were rather in need of an auto tune, seemed sweet at that minute. I was filled with emotion and embraced each of them. They all wished me in their own way. “Happy birthday, Fatso. Keep getting fatter every year!’’ exclaimed Simran, who was known for her chronic jokes. ‘’You are welcome, Miss I-know-how-to-spoil-your-day!” I was unaffected by her calling me fat and instead I shrieked in a loud voice “I love you guys for this!’’ They all wore party hats. Selfies were clicked; the cake was cut, followed by pizza. We took permission from my mother and we all set out for yet another round of celebration.

Our party on the wheels had turned out better that anyone had imagined. Since the minivan was convertible, we all enjoyed the moonlight on our faces. The streets were dimly lit, which made us revel in the darkness. Ahmer, who was driving the van, decided to take this far, by taking a route to the Super Highway. At first, they all feared that it won’t be safe, but since it was my birthday, I convinced everyone to forget about everything and just live in the moment. After that, there was no going back.
The wind blew our hair, the radio played our favorite song, and we closed our eyes and took in the breeze which was filled with nothing but freedom. At that moment, we were infinite. The night ended with the six of us exchanging gratitude for having each other in our lives. I was thankful for having friends who did not judge me by my appearance and instead, treasured me for the person I was.

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