Limitations of Social Constructivism Essay

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Limitations of Social Constructivism Essay

May 12, 2022 Blogs Sample Papers 0

The social constructivism idea is subject to numerous challenges from various theorists and analysts because they view it as only a social opinion about how people learn rather than a legitimate theory. One of the primary causes of the critiques is social constructivism’s numerous shortcomings, which are covered in more detail below.

To start, social constructivism ignores the value of solidarity learning. Much of what people learn about the world from their early schooling through university and in the real world is self-taught.

The people mostly work alone when studying, but they occasionally confer with a very small group of others. It is not because they have already learned everything but rather because social constructivism does not hold that all learning must occur in a social setting.

The fact that social constructivism rejects evidence-based procedures in favor of universal theories is another one of its drawbacks. In response, it claims that all criticism and opposition are social constructs. Furthermore, Mvududu and Thiel-Burgess argue that social constructivism harms the less fortunate by speeding up the learning process for the affluent while slowing it down for the less fortunate.

Additionally, he argues that social constructivism wastes a lot of effort trying to comprehend what many people believe to be correct, which makes it a radically wasteful approach. Since they are mostly based on the theoretical understanding of it, social structures do not consider restrictions particularly detrimental to the social fabric.